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Online reviews and events calendar animated by Lawrence A. Johnson, a former classical music critic of the Miami Herald, and, prior to that, classical music writer at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel for six years.
A native of Philadelphia Lawrence Budmen is a former cellist and teacher. He has attended hundreds of concert, opera and dance performance around the globe. As a freelance writer and music consultant, he has written reviews for numerous publications.
This is the home page for Ensemble - Music & Vision's continuing series of reviews of live concerts and opera, including reviews of the Boca Raton Symphonia concerts.
Greg Stepanich has covered classical music, theater and dance for 25 years at newspapers in Illinois, West Virginia and Florida. He worked for 10 years at The Palm Beach Post, where he was an assistant business editor and pilot of Classical Musings, a classical music blog. This is the link to his personal blog.
He also blogs for the Palm Beach ArtsPaper WHERE YOU CAN FIND REVIEWS OF THE Boca Symphonia concerts.
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What's happening in South Florida Arts & Music - The purpose of this website is to strengthen the music community by heightening the awareness of musical activities and enhancing communication among musicians. is a web-based Reminder Notification Service Agency created in May 2007 with the mission to create awareness, through periodical email reminders, monthly newsletters and a web calendar, about performances in Classical Music, Theater, and Ballet taking place around South Florida.
Classical Connections is a multi-client concert reminder service with an expanding 'shared' audience database of over 5000 individuals servicing the South Florida classical music community since February 2003.
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Classical Variations is a classical music program that is designed specifically for South Florida. Host and Producer Joanna Marie plays a variety of musical recordings, sometimes straying from classical to include Broadway, klezmer or jazz. She frequently features local musicians via recordings and thoughtful interviews. Local and internationally known musicians have appeared on the program and many of them have performed live from the WXEL Chuck Zink Performance Studio. Classical Variations airs Monday through Thursday from 12 to 3pm. The Symphonia’s concert conductor is interviewed on the Thursday preceding the concert at 2 pm.
89.7 & 101.9 FM on your dial. Listen to the Arts calendar on Thursday at 8am and Friday at 6 pm.
At the helm of 91.3 WLRN’s South Florida Arts Beat program, every Friday, at 1:00 pm, is host, Ed Bell. Along with a team of equally knowledgeable and creative contributors, he brings his world of experience in the arts to the fore, and lets us know what’s out there for us to see, hear and enjoy. From probing interviews with artists to lively discussions with curators and impresarios, to unique live music performances, you’ll be up to speed on the arts.
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